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"It is a pleasure to be asked to write a recommendation for Patrick Crowley's Bodywork and Massage. He worked closely with my patients for nearly four years, and I therefore have had a unique opportunity to witness the outstanding results he has achieved. Patrick's work goes way beyond simple pain relief. He works to achieve structural integration, creatively combining myofascial work, joint mobilization, ligament and tendon release, with a deeply intuitive awareness of the dynamic possibility for greater ease and function.
I unhesitatingly recommend his work. It is more than just a massage...it's a journey in which he joins with you to help you realize a new level of body awareness."
~ Dr. Mark M. Tanny
Northampton Chiropractic & Wellness Center
Northampton, MA

"Hi Patrick, I finally wrote a little referrral for you - basically what I tell all my friends and students:
I first received bodywork from Patrick after I was injured in a car accident in 2008. Patrick was without doubt a huge catalyst in my healing process. There was one day when I literally had to drag my leg in to see him due to the injury to my back, and 45 minutes later, I walked off his table. It was a miracle! His depth of knowledge and skillful touch is amazing. I recommend him to everyone."
~ Abigail Clarke
Yoga Instructor
Northampton, MA

"Patrick is the most talented massage therapist - bodyworker I have ever received from. His work is a revelation!"
~ Dr. Annie Jackman
Wayland, MA
“Patrick has an integrity of touch. I especially loved the spinal work, which released tension in my back, spread an enlivening feeling throughout my limbs, and inspired my body to keep healing itself. He is my favorite bodyworker.”
~ Katherine Isham Phelps
Expressive Arts Therapist
Seattle, WA

“Patrick uses his knowledge about people and his sensitivity towards people to assist in creating balance and harmony within people.”
~ Enroue Halfkenny
Social Worker
New Haven, CT

“I highly recommend Patrick and his work. His knowledge of Anatomy, Eastern and Western physical manipulative and body energy techniques, and dance make his work thorough and versatile. His integrity, thoughtfulness, and empathy provide the safety for the depth that he invites his clients to go to.”
~ Warren Shear
Physical Therapist
Maui, HI

“Your words guide me without judgment through the bodywork and exercises. The movement after the bodywork has been valuable in that it helps me take ownership of the work and appreciate my body/me.”
~ Susan Gundy
Yoga Teacher
Wellesley, MA

“I was a dead man walking before I began work with Patrick Crowley. Now I am an alive man dancing. Thanks from the bottom of my soles.”
~ Michael Koran
Writer, Teacher
Cambridge, MA
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