Gentle Yoga

Gentle Yoga
Gentle stretching and movement to heal your body

Empower your body and yourself!

with Patrick Crowley

Wednesday 5:30-6:45 pm
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In Gentle Yoga, you will develop flexibility, strength, and balance. You learn to listen to your body and utilize sensation, breath, and awareness of the internal body with the postures. If you wish, you can take some of what we do in class and do a 10-20 minute yoga practice at home. Create opening and tone in every part of the body, breathe more fully, and relax deeply! 

This class integrates: yoga, somatics, principles of Body-Mind Centering®, qigong, and subtle movement.

These classes are designed for anyone 16-100 years old. No experience necessary. Just come with an open mind and heart.

WHERE: TBA Northampton, MA 01060


Patrick Crowley began practicing Integral Yoga and Sivananda Yoga in New York City as a teenager in 1982, because he needed healing from growing up in a dis-functional alcoholic household. These classes deeply opened his body, mind, heart, and spirit. He studied at Hampshire College with Carolyn Shakti Sadeh, who first introduced him to Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen's Body-Mind Centering® approach to Yoga. The gentleness of the traditional Hatha Yoga training he had early on, BMC®, Angela Farmer's focus on listening open-endedly to the internal body, the philosophy of Patanjali, and the individual emphasis in Krishnamachyra's writings - have all led Patrick to teach a gentle yoga. He integrates over 30 years experience in movement and bodywork into his yoga classes. All walks of life – including people who are older, mixed-ability, dancers, athletes, and trauma survivors – benefit from Patrick's focus on listening and the internal body.

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