Northampton Seasonal Underscore

Next Underscores:
facilitated by Sarah Young & Patrick Crowley
Saturday, June 24, 2017
Talk-Through: 8:30 am (required if have not done an hour-long one.) Register
Practice: 10 am-2 pm
Pre-Reg by 6/23: $25-$40 sliding scale, $15-30 w/o lunch.
6/24 Reg: $35-$50 sliding scale, $25-40 w/o lunch.
Earthdance, 252 Prospect St, Plainfield, MA 01070

Reserve a spot (mention if coming to Talk-Through or having lunch)

The Northampton area seasonal Underscores are an intentional space facilitated by Nancy Stark Smith. (The summer Global Underscore (GUS) in the Northampton area is facilitated by Patrick Crowley and others. Nancy is often in Europe doing the GUS there.) These are different from other events (including Underscores in other places) in that they have particular parameters and are not a public event.

They are open to people who have a firm base in CI, have an interest in improvisation/composition, and participate in at least one hour-long Underscore talk-through. Please keep these requirements in mind when talking to people about coming to the event and please refrain from making public announcements about it. Also plan to be on time to the event and stay for the whole time period. These Northampton/W. MA. Underscores are not led with verbal cues - the idea is that people "know" it and come together to share the practice.
For experienced contactors who don't know the Underscore and would like to attend, or for Underscorers who want a refresher, Patrick Crowley will do a "talk-through" before most Underscores (for $3-5 sliding scale). 

The Northampton Seasonal Underscore cost is $15-25 sliding scale.

If you desire to be on the email list, please email us about your CI, improvisation, and other experience and the reasons that you want to attend.

More info on the Underscore

Patrick Crowley  •  617.320.9792  •  email

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